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Coral-red: A vibrant color.. A sea emotion at your table!

Tips which can be useful for preparing your marine-style table... with the ideal Reef Set tableware set 18pcs for the summer season!

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Medovik Cake Recipe

The famous Russian dessert, medovik, is a honey cake cherished for its tender texture and profoundly delicate taste. Medovik combines multiple honey biscuit layers with a tangy sour cream filling. The traditional medovik is made with a few simple ingredients — flour, sugar, eggs, sour cream, and honey — but today’s variations also include dark and white chocolate, nuts, fresh or dried fruits, and various other flavorings. Modern adaptations also replace sour cream with yogurt, whipped cream, condensed milk, buttercream, or custard, while the layers are commonly flavored with cinnamon and ginger powder.

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5 cocktails to try for your summer aperitifs

We offer you 5 summer cocktails perfect for all your happy hours and cocktail parties organized at home: you will make a great impression on all your friends!

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5 tips for a more organized kitchen

There is nothing worse than a mess when cooking. Nothing except disorganization: an unorganized kitchen is the first step to creating chaos everywhere and wasting food.

And yet, even in a small space, little is needed to make every piece of furniture and every shelf efficient and – why not – aesthetically pleasing. Here are our recommendations.

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New house? Here's what can't be missing in the kitchen (and at the table)

Have you just moved for work or university? Have you decided to leave the nest and are you living alone for the first time? Did you move house to move on?

Then this article is for you: a small guide dedicated to essential products in the kitchen , to make it much easier for you to enter your new home. And a few more steps, if you've already started creating your space but you're limited to only the essentials for survival!

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American Cookies

Φτιάξτε τα πιο αφράτα και σοκολατένια μπισκότα για ένα τέλειο σνακ και σέρβιρε τα σε πιατέλες που θα τα αναδείξουν ακόμη περισσότερο! θα γίνουν τα αγαπημένα σας!

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TRIFLE FOOTED BOWL: How to Make a Strawberry Trifle dessert

Do you want a refreshing and tasting dessert?

We suggest you to try this recipe and serve it in the trifle bowl: Strawberry Trifle dessert!

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HOMEMADE SWEET WAFFLES - quick and easy with the Premium Black plate

These Homemade Sweet Waffles are perfectly golden, crispy on the outside and fluffy in the middle. They are also so simple and easy to make with ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen! They make an absolutely delicious breakfast, brunch or dessert and can be enjoyed by the whole family. You do of course need a WAFFLE PREMIUM BLACK PAN to make them!

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Rice flour cake with nuts

Cake mold: the perfect ally

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